International Exhibition Of Documentary Film


Second Edition



Blackbird Films, Audiovisual Laboratory Ometochtli and Water Gallery call for all directors to participate in the second editon of International Exhibition of Documentary Film CENTRAL-DOC  will be held from November 27 at December 1 to 2017 in the city of Tlaxcala, Mexico. The works will be screened in cultural centers and alternative spaces non-profit.


The theme of this year's is THE WONDERS OF WATER




1. The Festival has a non-competitive purporting to show a panorama of contemporary documentary.


2. All filmmakers interested in sharing their work regardless of their nationality or place of residence may participate.


3. Each participant may submit a maximum of three films, only documentary under the theme THE WONDERS OF WATER


4. No fiction films, advertising, institutional, video art, video dance, video clips or television reports be accepted. The categories will be shown the following formats:


• Feature films (over 40 minutes)

• Short Films (under 40 minutes)


5. Registration is free.


6. The documentaries nominated must have the copyright (sound files and / or visual) and exploitation of the work and must be registered by the directors or producers representatives. Blackbird exempting Ometochtli films and Laboratory Studies of any civil or criminal liability by third parties.


7. To start the registration process, the representative of the work must register through the platform FESTHOME


They also receive screeners in DVD *, in this case the works should be sent in two discs: one as DATA as QuickTime file format in 1920x1080 at 24 fps H.264 codec; and another as DVD autoplay. Both labeled, unlabelled. DVDs should be sent to:



5 de mayo Sur #10-A

Barrio San Antonio

Altzayanca, Tlaxcala. México

C.P. 90550


They should send an email to  with SENDING MATERIAL matter together with the guide parcel to track shipping. As the material is received, they will be notified via email.


* All shipping costs on dvd screeners borne by the person enrolling. Sample will not be responsible for customs costs or parcel.


8. The deadline to register entries is July 17 Monday to Saturday 20 August 2017. For shipments via parcel will be taken into account as the registration date of postmark. Movies whose date of shipment are following the close of the call, will not be taken into account in the process of viewing.


9. Blackbird films, Audiovisual Laboratory Ometochtli and Water Gallery not made liable for any damages suffered such materials during transport. In any shipment must be clearly marked legend "cultural material without commercial value '.


10. The date of production of the documentaries will be later than 1 January 2015. The organization of the Exhibition reserves the right to register any material that may be of interest whose production date is earlier than the proposal.


11. The works whose language is not Spanish must be subtitled in English.


12. The viewing copies will not be returned and will become part of the collection of the sample, which can be made use of them strictly for cultural purposes and public and free, as well as other events organized by Blackbird films, Audiovisual Laboratory Ometochtli and Water Gallery notice the person responsible for them.


13. All registered documentaries will go through a process of conservatorship. The list of selected works will be published in  and x will be directly notified their representatives.


14. The Selection Committee shall consist of a Coordinator Curatorial expert documentaries and committee members of the organization of the Exhibition. The Committee's decision is final.


15. If the documentary is highlighted, the person who made the registration no later than Saturday September 30 to perform sending additional materials required be notified.


16. The selected entries must digitally later than October 8, the following materials:


• Poster or poster.

• Five film frames in jpg format, minimum 300 DPI

• Two photographs of the filmmaker in jpg format, minimum 300 DPI

• Synopsis (maximum 350 characters with spaces).

          Data sheet

• Bio filmography of the filmmaker (maximum 350 characters with spaces).

• Social networks (Facebook or Twitter), blog and / or website (as available) of the work, production house or filmmaker


17. The presentation of the work implies full acceptance of these rules and the interpretation and application of the same corresponds to the organizers of the Exhibition.


18. The participant authorizes the organization of the exhibition, to use maximum 3 minutes visual material for promotional purposes, or maximum 20% of its length if the work lasts less than 10 minutes. Also the organizers are authorized, non-commercial exhibition of his work in the communities.


19. What unwilling in these rules it will be resolved by the organization.


20. For any questions or additional information please write to email: